BAPK Biuro Architektoniczne (BAPK Architectural Office) was born from experience gained in practice at renowned design offices, where a period of several years spent working on architectural design tasks for public, commercial and residential projects produced the knowledge essential to the cognisant and responsible conducting of every property development process. The multi-sectoral projects carried out at BAPK in collaboration with experienced engineers, the coordination of those projects in terms of cohesion and their supervision during implementation offers the client a sense that what is emerging is something which has been adapted to his or her individual requirements.

The sources of inspiration for the projects carried out here are light, colour and atmosphere, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the cultural environment and local character of a given site. Neither is any project born without global influences such as contemporary technologies, engineering and the protection of the natural environment. Thus there is no ready-made set of solutions here and no catalogue of answers to every question. Instead, there is an analytical and individual approach to every theme and subject and the creation of a pure and authentic architecture.

The owner of the office, Piotr Kosydar, M.Eng., is a registered architect (registration No. 1572) and member of the Małopolskie Regional Chamber of Polish Architects.

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